The Akra Foundation was founded out of love for Africa and helping others. We help children from Ghana by facilitating their access to education and providing decent living conditions.

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Our snail mail pen pal

This year kids from the school in Tamale became pen pals with their friends from 'Promyk Słonca' kindergarten in Wrocław. The first letters and packages were sent in June 2019.


In their letters, kids described their kindergarten, their daily activities and favorite games. After only 2 months, we already received letters from our friends living in Ghana. They were full of drawings and interesting stories from the school in Tamale. 


Thanks to this project, kids from the polish kindergarten could learn a bit about daily life of their friends from Ghana. It was a really valuable lesson about empathy, tolerance, and the need to care about others. Kids were very positive about this project from the very beginning, they worked together with their parents and close ones, who also found the project very interesting. 


Surprisingly, the letters exchange continues until this day and kids from Wrocław are still in touch with their friends from Tamale.