The Akra Foundation was founded out of love for Africa and helping others. We help children from Ghana by facilitating their access to education and providing decent living conditions.

A few words about our foundation

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"Helping one person might not change the world but it could change the world for one person."

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About us

The Akra Foundation was created out of love for Africa and helping others. We are a group of young people who have been involved in volunteering in Poland and abroad for many years. The idea of establishing the foundation was born after returning from Tamale, where we helped at School of Talent and Creative Arts. 

Our projects

The Akra Foundation focuses mainly on providing children from the Tamale school with the tools they need to learn.

However, we are also trying to improve the living conditions of the local community. That is why the projects implemented by the foundation are very different.

How can you help?

Find the program that's right for you
and support kids from Ghana.

Everyone can help!

School in Tamale

School of Talent & Creative Arts is located in Ticheli - a small village in the Northern Ghana. The school was built in 2017 by an amazing couple - Ghanaian and American. Volunteers and students, whose dream was to go to school, helped them to build this beautiful place. Children from the poorest, agricultural families in the region receive education at School of Talent & Creative Arts.