The Akra Foundation was founded out of love for Africa and helping others. We help children from Ghana by facilitating their access to education and providing decent living conditions.

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Kitchen for Ghana

Due to the immensely positive response that our well project received, we decided to continue and organize another fundraising. This time to build a kitchen at our school in Tamale. 

Many students come to school hungry, some of them have developed the symptoms of extreme malnutrition, a disease rarely occurring in present-day Europe. 

Children's enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is very often hindered by hunger and weakness.

The kitchen project has already been initiated, thanks to the people who donated our fundraising. Thank you so much for your big hearts!

Building a kitchen, and providing kids with hot meals will significantly improve their quality of life. 

We believe that every kid deserves worry-free childhood. Together we can create a better future for them!