The Akra Foundation was founded out of love for Africa and helping others. We help children from Ghana by facilitating their access to education and providing decent living conditions.

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Long distance adoption

Long-distance adoption is one of the main programs of Akra Foundation. It entails the funding and support of a specific child from the School of Talent and Creative Arts in Tamale.


The goal of the program is to provide pupils with warm meals, school uniforms, books and teaching materials as well as basic medicines (children often get sick). The students we work with are very smart and willing to learn. Unfortunately, many of them come to school hungry and sick. They show signs of extreme malnutrition that do not occur in Europe.


"Remote adoption" is a chance for them to have a normal childhood and education that every child deserves. Both individuals and couples, groups of friends, companies or school classes can adopt at a distance. You can choose between two monthly contributions:

  • 120 zloty - that is a monthly cost of maintaining a student - meals, clothes, books and basic medical assistance,

  •  50 zloty - a monthly cost of meals.


You can also choose a nameless adoption - paying any amount to support the children, who do not have their "adoption guardians".


A person or a group that decides to adopt at a distance will receive information about their child - his / her development and learning progress.


If you are interested in adopting at a distance, please contact us: